Welcome to EDUCORA’S SDET Full Stack Tester program a comprehensive training designed to transform you into a skilled Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) with a specialization in full stack testing. In this dynamic course, you'll embark on a journey that equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in testing across the entire software stack.

Join us on this exciting journey into the world of SDET Full Stack Testing. Whether you're a testing professional looking to specialize or an aspiring SDET seeking a comprehensive skill set, EDUCORA’S program provides the knowledge and resources you need to thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry.

  • There is no such pre-requisite for SDET-Full stack Tester training program, if candidate pursuing degree in IT or Computer science should be beneficial.
  • Basic IT Fundamental Knowledge should be beneficial.
Module 1: Manual Testing
  • What is Software Testing?
  • Software Testing Principles
  • What is V Model in Software Testing? Learn with SDLC & STLC Example.
  • STLC - Software Testing Life Cycle Phases
  • Unit Testing: What is it, Types, Tools, Examples
  • Integration Testing: What is, Types, Top Down & Bottom Up Example
  • What is System Testing? Types & Definition with Example
  • Sanity Testing Vs Smoke Testing: Introduction & Differences
  • What is Regression Testing?
  • What is Non-Functional Testing?
  • Software Testing Techniques with Examples.
  • What is State Transition Testing?
  • What is Use Case Testing? Technique, Examples
Module 2: Test Management control
  • Software Test Estimation Techniques
  • How to Create a Test Plan
Module 3: Defect Management
  • Test Environment for Software Testing.
  • Defect Management Process in Software Testing
  • Defect/Bug Life Cycle in Software Testing
  • Agile Model & Methodology
  • What is Agile Testing? Process, Strategy, Test Plan, Life Cycle
  • Scrum Testing Methodology: What is, Process, Artifacts, Sprint.
  • Automation Testing Framework for Agile/Scrum Methodology
  • SAFe Methodology: What is the Scaled Agile Framework
  • Web Application Testing
  • Web Application Testing Checklist
  • Banking Domain Application Testing
  • eCommerce Testing
  • Payment Gateway Testing
Module 4: API Testing
  • What is an API
  • What is API Testing
  • API Testing Types
  • Common tests on APIs
  • Test Cases for API Testing
  • API testing and Unit testing
  • Tools for API Testing
  • What is the REST API?
  • How to Test REST API
  • REST API test using POSTMAN
  • API test automation using java code
Module 5: Database Testing
  • Why database is important?
  • DDL, DML, TCL commands
  • Primary keys, the foreign key reference
  • Joins
  • Views
  • Function
  • Procedures
  • How to run queries through Java code?
Module 6: Core Java
  • Object-oriented Concepts
  • Introduction to Java
  • Java Language Fundamentals
  • Containment
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract classes
  • String, Stringbuffer
  • Interfaces
  • Packages
  • Exception Handling
  • Generics
  • Collections
  • Multithreading
  • File I/O
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Functional interfaces
  • Method References
  • Default Methods
  • Optional Class
  • New Date/Time API
  • What are streams
  • Collections and Streams
Module 7: Selenium WebDriver
  • Introduction to Test Automation
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Locating Elements
  • Working with Web Elements
  • Working with Selenium API
  • Controlling Test Flow
  • TestNG
  • Working with Excel
  • Implementing Frameworks
  • Selenium Grid
Module 8: BDD with Cucumber
  • Introduction to BDD
  • Cucumber Setup
  • Cucumber basics
  • Data driven testing with cucumber
  • Cucumber Features
Module 9: DevOps tools
  • Maven – A Build Management tool
  • Git, GitHub – A Distributed Version Control Tool
  • Jenkins – A Continuous Integration Tool
Module 10: Performance Testing
  • Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Load Testing: What is? How to? (with Examples)
  • What is STRESS Testing?
  • What is Volume Testing?
  • What is Scalability Testing?
  • What is Soak Testing?
  • Stability and Spike Testing?
Module 11: Jmeter
  • Introduction, JMeter Download, and Install
  • JMeter Test Plan and Workbench
  • Working with HTTP Requests
  • Using CSV Dataset Config
  • User-Defined Variables
  • JMeter Preprocessor
  • JMeter Listeners
  • Regular Expression Extractor Post-Processor
  • XPath Extractor Post-Processor
  • JMeter Plugins
  • JMeter Timers
  • Correlation
  • JMeter Controllers
  • JMeter Variables and Functions
  • JMeter HTTPS Test Script Recorder
  • JMeter Bean Shell Scripting
  • Database Testing using Jmeter
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Expert Instructor
  • Hands-on project-based Training
  • Support After Training
  • Interview Preparations
Virtual Intructor Led Training
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1Do you accept card or online payment?
Yes, We do.
2Fees is refundable if I cancelled enrollment?
3Can you provide placement after training?
We only support for placement not provide guarantee.
4Do you offer Corporate Training?
Yes, We do offer Corporate Training.
5How will I receive the Certificate after attending the course?
You will receive the digital certificate post training completion from our Team.
6Can I see trainer profile before training or enrollment?
Yes, You can.
7Can I request for a demo session for enrollment?
Yes, You can.
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