EDUCORA is thrilled to offer a comprehensive Docker Certified Associate (DCA) training program designed to elevate your expertise in containerization and Docker technologies. Our Docker training empowers you with practical skills and in-depth knowledge, preparing you to excel in deploying, managing, and securing containerized applications. As Docker continues to revolutionize software development and deployment, obtain training from EDUCORA and opens doors to exciting career prospects in the world of containers and DevOps.

Embark on a learning journey with us, and become Docker expert ready to tackle the challenges of modern software development and deployment.

  • Candidate should have basic understanding of cloud and virtualization concept.
  • Candidate should have hands on experience of AWS.
  • Good knowledge of Linux.
Module 1: Containerization
  • Containerization
  • Namespaces and C groups
  • Containers vs Virtual Machines
  • Types of Containers
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker Architecture
  • Container Lifecycle
  • Docker CE vs Docker EE
Module 2: The Docker Engine
  • Configuring Logging Drivers
  • Docker Terminology
  • Po Detached vs Foreground Mode
  • Docker CLI
  • Docker Exec
  • Restart Policyrt Binding
Module 3: Image Management and Registry
  • Dockerfile
  • Dockerfile Instructions
  • Build Context
  • Docker Image
  • Docker Registry
Module 4: Storage and Volumes
  • Docker Storage
  • Types of Persistent Storage
  • Volumes
  • Bind Mounts
  • tmpfs Mount
  • Storage Drivers
  • Device Mapper
  • Docker Clean Up
Module 5: Orchestration
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Service
  • Service Placement
  • Rolling Update and Rollback
  • Docker Stack
Module 6: Networking and Security
  • Docker Networking
  • Network Drivers
  • Bridge Network
  • Overlay Network
  • Host and Macvlan
  • Docker Security
  • Docker Content Trust
  • Securing the Docker Daemon
Module 7: Docker EE and Monitorin
  • Docker Enterprise
  • Universal Control Plane (UCP)
  • UCP Architecture
  • Access Control in UCP
  • Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)
  • Monitoring using Prometheus
Module 8: Docker with Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Core Concepts
  • Kubernetes Common Commands
  • Pods
  • Deployments
  • Labels, Selectors and Annotations
  • Services
  • Persistent Volumes and Persistent Volume Claims
  • Storage Classes
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Expert Instructor
  • Hands-on project-based Training
  • Support After Training
  • Interview Preparations
Virtual Intructor Led Training
One to one private batch Public batch
Fees : ₹90,000 + 18% GST Fees : ₹20,000 + 18% GST
2hrs : Mon - Fri 2hrs : Mon - Fri
4hrs : Sat - Sun 4hrs : Sat - Sun


1Do you accept card or online payment?
Yes, We do.
2Fees is refundable if I cancelled enrollment?
3Can you provide placement after training?
We only support for placement not provide guarantee.
4Do you offer Corporate Training?
Yes, We do offer Corporate Training.
5How will I receive the Certificate after attending the course?
You will receive the digital certificate post training completion from our Team.
6Can I see trainer profile before training or enrollment?
Yes, You can.
7Can I request for a demo session for enrollment?
Yes, You can.
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